5 Ways Businesses can Reduce Energy Costs

5 Ways Businesses can Reduce Energy Costs
August 27, 2015 nobleair

As consumers, we do what we can in our homes to save money. Turning down the water heater temperature, only running washes when clothes and dishes fill appliances to maximum capacity, turnig off lights in empty rooms, and, keep windows and doors closed to stop heat and cold transfer. Business owners, however, must do more because of larger spaces. Having to maintain a comfortable work environment for employees and customers, it can be a big challenge to keep energy costs down.

5 Ways Businesses can Reduce Energy Costs

In the average commercial building a whopping 30 percent of energy is wasted through inefficiencies, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, or, EPA. What’s more, if you’ve not updated or upgraded your commercial cooling and heating systems, chances are excellent that percentage is significantly higher.

Unused equipment consumes energy. It also tends to warm your office, pushing up air conditioning costs. Train employees to use energy-saving features; highly efficient Energy Star equipment and appliances often carry no cost premium but use 20 percent to 50 percent less energy. And flip the power switch to off before you leave for the night. —Inc.com

Business owners do practically anything and everything to keep operating costs down. Opting for smaller spaces to save on energy costs, keeping employee hours in-check, vigilantly looking for reduced materials and supplies costs, and much more. These practices are usually limited to similar cost cutting measures, but, expenses could be even lower, if energy costs are reigned-in properly. Here are some ways businesses can reduce energy costs:

  1. Install smart, programmable controls. Cooling or heating a commercial space when it’s empty of personnel doesn’t make good business practice, and, costs much to maintain temperatures. Temperatures can be controlled automatically to save with smart and programmable controls. Lighting can also be controlled with the right devices to save even more money during non-business hours.
  2. Ensure your space has the right equipment. It might come as a surprise, but for every dollar invested in energy efficient systems, it brings a return of two to three dollars, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. If an HVAC system is ten years old or older, it’s wasting a lot of energy and costing a substantial amount of money every month.
  3. Check for energy inefficiencies. Small leaks can quickly add-up to big bucks. Where energy is wasted, it enlarges in size over time. As those leaks increase in volume, so does your monthly utility costs. This is mostly in the ductwork, but also includes windows, doors, and, worn insulation.
  4. Hang window treatments and/or tint window panes. It’s not just updating and upgrading that saves real money, but also, simple things. Window treatments, such as blinds, can greatly reduce heat transfer. In addition, window tint can cut down on the amount of heat radiating into a commercial space.
  5. Have your HVAC system regularly maintained. Savvy business owners know where spending a little money can either make or save a lot more. Having your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis is a smart way to reduce costs in the form of repairs and replacement parts. It also acts as an early warning for future problems that can come with high costs.

If your business’ utility costs are high, have a professional technician check your HVAC system to start saving money today.