5 Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC System Last Longer

5 Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC System Last Longer
January 21, 2016 nobleair

Every business owner wants to get the most out of each investment, no matter what it might be — including commercial HVAC systems. These units are essential to keeping employee productivity up and to keep everyone comfortable. Commercial heating and cooling systems are designed to handle heavy loads and to run at maximum efficiency. Over time, though, parts begin to wear and must be replaced. In some instances, there’s a real question about whether to repair or replace a commercial air conditioner, of course, the decision depends on a number of factors.

5 Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC System Last Longer

A commercial HVAC system is a large investment and you want it to last and perform well for as long as possible. However, any heating and cooling unit must be maintained in order to function properly. Otherwise, the cost of operation increase in the form of higher utility bills and lower employee productivity. Though the air might be cool with temperatures falling to the high forties overnight, it won’t be long before there’s a real need to turn the AC on cool.

Proper heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (known in the trade as HVAC) are key to maintaining a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment. Collectively, these systems account for approximately 40% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. Improved heating and cooling performance along with substantial energy savings can be achieved by implementing energy-efficiency measures. —Small Business Administration

To get the most out of your commercial heating and cooling system, you can take certain proactive steps to ensure that it will last longer. With the proper approach, you can enjoy it between ten and twenty years. Here are five ways to make your commercial HVAC system last longer:

  1. Conduct routine maintenance. While one of the most obvious steps you can take to make your commercial HVAC system last longer, it bears repeating. Many problems business owners experience are due to being completely unaware of failing parts. When you schedule routine maintenance, the technician can assess the condition of various components to alert you to potential problems or something that will become very expensive the longer you wait.
  2. Look for any problems. You can also look for problems yourself. There are signs which can tell you something’s amiss. For instance, if temperatures begin to fluctuate in an uncommon way, or, the system isn’t adequately producing warm or cool air as it normally does. Of course, there are very obvious signs, such as icing and not running when turned on.
  3. Replace filters regularly. Though you’ll see advertising that insists changing your air filters is good for improving indoor air quality, the real main function of filters is exactly its namesake: filtering. Air filters catch dirt and debris that can be very harmful to a system and when these become clogged or worn, cannot function properly, putting the unit at risk of damage.
  4. Clean vents and ductwork. Vents and ductwork will inevitably become dirty with dust and other debris. When this occurs, it becomes difficult for the system to deliver warm or cool air. These obstacles become larger over time, putting undo pressure on parts, causing them to wear faster. by cleaning vents and ducts, the system can operate to its full capacity.
  5. Upgrade your commercial HVAC system now. Because now is an off-peak season, this is a great time to upgrade your commercial HVAC system. What’s more, you can avoid having to endure the heat during summer by replacing the unit now.

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