How to Prevent Negative Business Reviews

How to Prevent Negative Business Reviews
December 17, 2015 nobleair

Negative business reviews are a stark, unavoidable reality in today’s world of commercial commerce. Some business owners choose to ignore bad reviews, others strategically respond, and still others take them on a case-to-case basis, deciding which to reply and which to let alone. Negative small business reviews can do much harm to a company, and, even large corporations aren’t totally immune. The fact is, statistics reveal that a customer who has a good experience will tell about 9 people about their positive interaction, however, will tell nearly twice as many, approximately 16 others or more, about a bad experience.

How to Prevent Negative Business Reviews

Too often, business owners believe that preventing negative business reviews is just not feasible, or even possible. The truth of the matter, it is not only possible, but actionable, to do so with some preventative measures. While the majority of business owners have systems in-place to train new employees, a supervision protocol, and, accountability measures, there’s not a real, dedicated effort to spot problematic areas before they erupt.

Let’s face it, angry, dissatisfied customers like to write angry, scathing, hurtful reviews. As business owners, while we don’t like them, we’ve begun to accept that these negative reviews are part of life. You take the good with the bad with these review sites, right? Not necessarily. Understanding WHY a customer is motivated to write a negative review can help you prevent them. —Better Business Bureau

The average small business owner might think he or she does not have the proper resources to prevent bad customer reviews. That’s not the case at all, because most of what goes into such prevention is all about being aware of the environment itself, prevailing attitude, and how customer interactions are treated. Here are some ways to prevent negative business reviews to help you grow your company and attract and retain new customers:

  • Prepare with the right training. There’s a reason people flock to Disney parks — they are treated well and expect good experiences. Your employees should be brand ambassadors when interacting with new customers, repeat patrons, and others. It’s helpful to have a uniform dress code or uniforms so customers do not have to guess who to approach and speak with. Any amenities, discounts, or specials ought to be highlighted.
  • Have proper presentation. The way your business appears matters quite a bit to customers. While there are businesses that thrive from the “hole in the wall” niche, the vast majority benefit from having a clean, easy to navigate, and well maintained appearance. So, if you have a old air conditioning wall unit leaning out, rusting along the casing, and leaking, that’s something that tells people you don’t truly care.
  • Provide a welcoming environment. When customers walk into your business, they expect to be welcomed in friendly manner. Keeping the busy buzz away from the entryway is important and provides a useful barrier. It’s not only about the decor, but also, the flow and theme.
  • Keep people comfortable. If you’re business is sweltering hot or frigid, or, both simultaneously from one room to another, that’s something that will most definitely define customers’ experiences. Give your commercial HVAC system regular maintenance and when it fails to work properly, have it repaired immediately.
  • Don’t let problems go undetected. Did you know that 6 out of 10 of the most popular restaurants, the ice served to customers contained more bacteria than in the toilets? It’s true, and, there’s probably other problems festering that can adversely impact your business. Foul odors are just one of many, but, there are certainly others to watch out for in your business.

If your commercial HVAC system isn’t performing properly, have it inspected by a trained and experienced technician. We serve the entire Phoenix area, from along West McDowell Road, over to North Cave Creek Road, and all around.