Why Businesses should Schedule Commercial AC Tune-Ups

Why Businesses should Schedule Commercial AC Tune-Ups
November 5, 2015 nobleair

While the temperature might be starting to drop outside and your commercial air conditioning is having to run less, that won’t be the case for long. Your commercial HVAC system needs attention, even during the so-called winter months, when daytime highs creep into the mid 70’s. Of course, if your system supplies both cool and warm air, it’s going to be put to use when those overnight temperatures drop into the low 50’s and high 40’s. The point being, there’s no just time when it’s convenient to have your system stop working — whether it’s supposed to provide cool air or warm your business, you need to depend on it to keep you and your employees comfortable.

Why Businesses should Schedule Commercial AC Tune-Ups

As we enter into the last two months of the year, those air conditioning service calls will begin to drop in volume, but, heating problems will easily replace these. Your system doesn’t get a break, either, from working hard to keep you and your team feeling comfortable. All those components inside your commercial HVAC system wear over time. Some will fail at a faster rate than others and when some parts fail, it’s only a matter of time before the problem becomes larger.

According to reports, tighter regulation on coal, which powers about 40 percent of the nation’s energy, will cause electricity prices to increase by about 4 percent this year. This is the highest increase since 2008. And over the next several years, energy prices are expected to increase by about 13 percent come 2020. Last year, the average summer electricity bill was about $395, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. —Fox Business

While you’ll likely be switching from cooling your business to heating it, your commercial HVAC system might not be functioning properly. For instance, one problem is employees who use personal space heaters. These can artificially affect a nearby thermostat, making it shut the central heat off. Other problems can be dirty filters and blocked vents, or, a worn belt on the blower motor. Aside from these, there are other reasons why businesses should schedule commercial AC tune-ups:

  • This is the time of year where scheduling is easy. Even though the holidays are right around the corner, it’s now that you’ll be able to more easily schedule service for your commercial heating and cooling unit because there’s less consumer use of individual systems.
  • Your system might get a small break, then break when the heat returns. While we’ll get a break from the heat and even be able to enjoy days without turning on our units, those weeks are fleeting. When there’s a real need to heat or cool your business, you want your system to be ready-to-go. Discovering any existing or potential problems will be advantageous.
  • Your commercial HVAC needs attention at different times during the year. Frankly, it doesn’t matter if it’s July or January, a commercial system that is supplying climate controlled air needs attention to ensure it is running properly and efficiently.

Finally, having a commercial AC tune up means giving the system longer life. These units are in near-constant use and that means every time it turns on, parts are being run. If you have a commercial HVAC system, particularly one that’s older, give us a call and will send out an experienced technician to look it over.