5 Ways Your Business is Wasting Energy

5 Ways Your Business is Wasting Energy
September 17, 2015 nobleair

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve cash-flow and lower operating costs. Aside from employee compensation and benefits, some of the highest costs come from energy use and waste. In fact, the average commercial building wastes about 30 percent of energy produced, which is money that could be spent in far more productive ways. For every dollar that’s wasted, that’s a dollar less that could be used for worthwhile endeavors.

Companies usually experience a steady rise in cooling and heating costs as the years go by and there’s good reason why that’s the case. As a building and HVAC system ages, both become less energy efficient and require more and more maintenance.

5 Ways Your Business is Wasting Energy

Chances are, if your business spends a lot of money on utilities, there are several reasons why that’s happening. The monthly expense greatly increases when other expenditures are factored into the equation. These include preventative maintenance costs and repairs. Said costs only rise as the years go by, especially in such demanding climates. The sheer onslaught of high temperatures and arid conditions take a serious toll on HVAC systems and commercial properties.

Electricity powers most of the tools we use every day. Electrical energy also provides heat and air conditioning to keep a comfortable temperature. However, consuming energy…generates carbon dioxide and pollution, which damage the environment. Simple strategies can help reduce your energy consumption and limit your environmental impact. —San Francisco Chronicle

If you dread opening your monthly commercial utility bills, your company certainly isn’t alone. There are several ways your business is wasting energy, which is to say, wasting money. Here are the most common reasons your business is wasting energy:

  1. Outdated HVAC system. Though you know the HVAC system is old and inefficient, but, just can’t seem to justify updating it. The price tag looks way too steep and you don’t want to incur the expense. However, keeping your outdated, inefficient system is costing far more in maintenance, repair, and wasted energy use.
  2. Poor building maintenance. When a commercial building isn’t properly maintained, it wastes energy at an alarming rate. That puts a serious strain on cash flow and causes downward pressure on your business’ operations.
  3. Temporary, inexpensive fixes. It’s understandable that quick, relatively inexpensive repairs are far more attractive than partial or complete replacement. However, the money spent will eventually and inevitably wasted because it’s only prolonging the unavoidable. Sooner or later, replacement will be the only option.
  4. Undersized heating and cooling system. It’s quite common for commercial spaces to be equipped with undersized heating and cooling systems. This is typically the result of keeping costs as low as possible, though it’s ultimately self-defeating. The money wasted from an inadequate systems trying to effectively climate control could be spent on more worthwhile pursuits.
  5. Insufficient energy management. Windows, doors, insulation, and other energy waste is common in commercial buildings. These structures are built for a specific purpose and energy efficiency isn’t necessarily part of the equation. Developers construct buildings to pass code inspections but not to make them energy efficient.

If your business is spending an inordinate amount of money on energy costs, give us a call. An experienced and professional technician will come out and evaluate your business’ HVAC system and provide you with viable options.