5 Ways to Keep a Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

5 Ways to Keep a Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently
October 1, 2015 nobleair

Business’ are always looking for a way to cut costs in order to increase margins and profitability, also giving companies a way to pass savings onto consumers. The health of a business depends on its cash-flow, which of course, is key to operations. A commercial HVAC system is a necessary and functional investment because the more comfortable team members are, the higher their productivity. It’s scientifically proven productivity is related to employee comfort.

5 Ways to Keep a Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

It’s no secret that a commercial HVAC system comes with quite a bit of expense, so, to get the most longevity and function out of it, you’ve got to ensure that it’s running efficiently. There are a few things you can do to extend its service lifetime, like installing a programmable thermostat. This not only improves efficiency, but also, reduces utility costs. In addition, you should periodically check around to look for obstructions.

The importance of good HVAC system maintenance goes beyond just controlling energy use. Buildings today depend on properly operating systems for more than just people comfort. Temperatures and humidity levels that fall outside of this range can lead to interruption in services and even costly system failures. Sometimes the difference between keeping a business running and having to shut down is nothing more than proper HVAC system maintenance. —Facilities Net

You’ll likely find one or two employees who’ve set up their own comfort zones, placing obstructions near vents to redirect the flow of cool air, or, have inadvertently placed an obstruction in front of a return vent. These small steps will have an impact, but to really keep a commercial HVAC system running efficiently, do the following:

  1. Have repairs done during the winter. When the cool months come, consumers and businesses reduce their climate control use, and, this is the best time to schedule repairs because there will be more technicians available. Additionally, you might be able to get a discount for repairs or replacement during winter.
  2. Regularly carry-out preventative maintenance. There should be no underestimating the value of preventative maintenance. It’s why we have the oil in our vehicles changed regularly. Preventative maintenance not only extends the longevity of a system and improves its performance, it also provides an opportunity to make proactive repairs, which tend to cost less.
  3. Keep condenser coils clean. Clean condenser coils are vital to a commercial HVAC system’s performance — especially in an arid climate like the Valley of the Sun. Dirt, dust, and debris wreak havoc on condenser coils, and, these corrode from weather elements and wear and tear.
  4. Change filters every thirty days. You’ve probably heard and/or seen many advertisements about the importance of changing your HVAC filters to improve air quality. While this does have a minor impact on air quality, their main function is to keep harmful debris out of the system.
  5. Replacement units and components before spending extra on repairs. One mistake that businesses make is to go for a temporary fix rather than deal with long-term problems. The costs of those small repairs will eventually exceed the cost of replacement, and, you’ll also waste more energy on a under-performing system.

If you’re commercial HVAC system isn’t functioning properly, or, it’s dated, give us a call at 480-659-6497. We’ll dispatch one of our expert technicians to examine and assess your commercial unit.