Top Air Conditioner Improvements Homeowners Want

Top Air Conditioner Improvements Homeowners Want
September 17, 2015 nobleair

For some parts of the country, cool air is beginning to bring fall temperatures, which means breezy days to open the windows and enjoy fresh air. Of course, here in the Phoenix area, there’s still a couple of months left of heat. That means keeping the air conditioning going to stay comfortable in your home, which of course, puts a strain on your wallet, paying monthly utility bills.

Homeowners love many modern conveniences and new technology provides ample function and create comfort. There’s little more rewarding than saving money and having more room in your budget to do the things you like most.

Top Air Conditioner Improvements Homeowners Want

Technological advances are everywhere we look, and, these are also available in the newest HVAC systems. These provide more climate control and comfort while using less energy, and, have a better lifespan performance than older systems.

If you are replacing the air conditioner, look to buy high efficiency equipment. The most generally known efficiency rating is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). SEER 13 is the minimum efficiency you should consider, but higher efficiencies are likely to be quite cost effective. Depending on your climate, you may wish to consider other efficiency numbers as well. For example, in hot, dry climates you should look at the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) which says how well the system will work at peak conditions. —

When homeowners are asked about which improvements they most want, there are a number of items which reach the top of the list. Not surprisingly, homeowners want more while spending less and the top air conditioner improvements which rank the highest are as follows:

  • More energy efficiency. Homeowners want a system that’s well worth the price, and, delivers exceptional performance while using less energy. This is smart because it consistently reduces monthly expenses for many years.
  • Better temperature consistency. We’ve all been in a home or building where it’s chilly in one room and hot in another. That’s not your imagination, it’s simply due to a few factors. Among these are undersized systems, energy waste in windows, walls, and doors, and poor HVAC system configuration.
  • Innovative controls. You’ve likely seen these in home improvement stores. The latest in smart controls is quite intuitive and clever. These “learn” their environment and your preferences and respond by making changes when necessary.
  • Less noise. You know when your air conditioning system is running because you can hear the whirl and practically feel the vibration. The noise is something that can keep you up at night as the system powers on for a cooling cycle.
  • Less humidity. Even in arid climates, moisture can be a factor. It promotes the growth of mold and mildew, especially in rooms like the bathroom and laundry room. Keeping humidity levels consistent and comfortable isn’t something older systems are designed to do.

In addition to these, homeowners want better indoor air quality. They want to live in a more healthy environment that reduces germs and other microscopic organisms which can causes sickness. If your HVAC system doesn’t deliver quality climate control, contact us for a free evaluation. We’ll give you options and advice about ways to improve your climate control and save money on monthly utility costs.