Noble Air Residential Services: A Chandler AC Repair Company

Noble Air Residential Services: A Chandler AC Repair Company
March 22, 2015 nobleair


After a decade of vacuuming, you have decided to remove the carpet that has resided in your home and replace it with a nice easy to clean wood floor.  While you hem and haw over what type of flooring you want, you look forward to getting rid of the carpeting you have grown accustomed to.  As the installation date draws near, you start getting more and more nervous about whether or not this was the right decision.  When you cross into the threshold of your home to see your new flooring, you realize that it was exactly what you wanted and that you were silly to question yourself.  As you start resituating into your home, you realize that you’re seeing a lot of dust coming from the ductwork as well as having difficulty breathing because of the dust in the house.  Luckily for you, Noble Air Residential Services provides air duct cleaning as well as being a Chandler air conditioning service, which will also help in ensuring that none of the construction dust damaged your HVAC system.

Noble Air AC Repair in Chandler:  Air Duct Cleaning

When you have work done at your home, there is a great chance that dust will end up getting into the metal ductwork and potentially causing problems with your air conditioning unit.  In addition to this, the air ducts may also pick up various household dusts not caught by a vacuum.  Knowing that you can trust the Chandler air conditioning repair professionals at Noble Air, you can call with confidence that the work will be done correctly the first time.

While the health benefits of getting your ducts cleaned have not been proven, there is one thing you can prove when you get them cleaned:  it will help lower your air conditioning maintenance bills.  By getting your ductwork cleaned, you will prolong the life of your unit by eliminating pollutants and dust from causing the unit distressed.  Another benefit to utilizing this service is that you won’t have to have your air conditioner’s filtration system cleaned as often as an uncleansed air duct filtration system would.

Noble Air AC Service Chandler:  Maintenance

Why choose Noble Air?

At Noble Air, we take pride in assisting our customers maintain a functioning and clean air conditioning unit.  By cleaning the various components of the unit itself, we will ensure that the unit will run more efficiently prolonging its service life.  We will measure your air flow monitor your refrigerant pressure as well as, catching problems before they become apparent.  Another service we include in our basic Tune-Up package is that we measure the volts/amps in your unit, noting if there are any discrepancies, and if there are we make sure that the electrical connections have been tightened, which will add more power to your unit and lessen costs by not overexerting your electrical generator.

Another service that we offer is the Energy Savings Agreement, where one of our trained professionals will go to your home and perform maintenance on an annual (or biannual) basis, which will prolong your unit’s life. A few of the perks of purchasing the Energy Savings Agreement from Noble Air are:  The transferrable agreement:  If you move, you can you can either choose to transfer the new unit at your new home or you could transfer it to the new owner.  A lot of times, when it comes to home repairs and maintenance, the air conditioning maintenance tends to be placed at the bottom of the list.  When it is time to schedule your next appointment, one of our many air conditioning repair professionals or administrative staff will contact you.

When you choose Noble Air Residential Services, you can rest assured that the professional who is maintaining, repairing or installing your air conditioning will not only do a top notch job of installation, but also explain in a clear manner any issues they may come up instead of simply taking note of it and moving on to the next house

Noble Air AC Service Chandler: Repair

We panic whenever an air conditioning unit or another appliance breaks down.  We expect our belongings to work effectively and it becomes a burden to research who would be considered the best Chandler air conditioning repair company to suit your needs.

At Noble Air Residential Services, we take pride in putting our customers and their needs first.  We take our customers’ needs to heart and because of this, our customers appreciated our dedication.  They later named us one of the top air conditioning repair companies in 2006.

One of the main components of your HVAC unit is the compressor.  If this compressor becomes compromised, we will then consult with you to see whether or not you would like to install a new one.  If you opt to replace the condenser, we offer the Compressor Protection package.  With this package, you would be spending to protect the compressor by adding components to it which will help make it run more efficiently.  This plan can be used on your existing compressor as well as any new compressors that you have installed on your property.

Noble Air AC Service Chandler:  Installation

When the time comes to replace the entire air conditioning unit, rest easy knowing that Noble Air will be there to install the unit as well as transferring any existing agreements to your new unit.  Each of our professionals has knowledge of our plans and they will be more than happy to assist you with your new equipment.