Let AC Professionals Take Care of Your Repair Needs in Mesa

Let AC Professionals Take Care of Your Repair Needs in Mesa
January 10, 2016 nobleair

4qBu0UmSyM86d2_oo2TCX6pSA4cptALtlycH-P8D2ZIWhether you think basic AC repair is easy, or if you just want to save money, people continue to try to repair their systems on their own for many reasons. Something like changing a filter has become easier as HVAC manufacturers in Mesa update their systems, and diagnostics are also more automated if you have the right equipment and the skill set to understand what you’re seeing. That’s the trick that many home and business owners continue to miss out on, though.

Diagnostics, repair, and replacement are easier than ever before for AC professionals, but you still need to have the right background to do the job efficiently and without potential complications later on. Unfortunately, necessary repairs can be missed or fixed incorrectly if you don’t know what you are looking for.

This is why many people continue to call in the professionals. Sometimes they call for basic repairs and maintenance. Others may wait until they face problems they don’t feel they are qualified to fix. Some may call us only after they have attempted to fix an issue only to find it is more complicated than they expected. Whatever the case, AC professionals go through months of extensive training to learn how to do it all as efficiently as possible. Once you call a company near you, technicians can often provide a simple explanation of both what is wrong and what they will do to fix it.

An Air Conditioning Service in Mesa Can Be Predictable

schedule-appointmentIf you call in an air conditioning service in Mesa for basic maintenance, you expect a short appointment and a technician who uses a checklist to finish the job and confirm they did everything you need. Repairs may not be as unpredictable as you expect, though. Whether your system has suddenly shut down, or if you are hearing strange noises coming from it, many of these problems have the same cause.

As AC professionals, we run into numerous problems every day. These are just a few of the most common repairs we offer.

  1. Leaky Ducts

    Whether you have noticed visible symptoms of a problem or poor performance in general, leaky ducts are not at all uncommon. Any time this happens, you could be losing hundreds of dollars in energy every year. It’s common to notice the source of the problem when you have leaky water pipes, at least when you see flooding or mold buildup. It’s easy to miss leaky ducts, and you may not even know the full extent of what you’re missing out on.

    For some homeowners, this can sneak up over time, much like dirty vents or a clogged filter. The only reason you might notice is if you call professionals for routine maintenance. They can then run a full check on your system.

  2. The Wrong Levels of Refrigerant Charge

    Refrigerant charge has to be regularly maintained, and most people won’t notice it until something goes wrong. Every system works slightly differently, and the amount of refrigerant you need will vary based on your system. Refrigerant is used to cool air as it comes in from the outside, and the most common sign of the wrong levels may manifest as air that is unexpectedly warm. Unfortunately, whether owners try to fill it themselves, forget to fill it, or if you work with an inexperienced technician, you may not have the right levels of refrigerant in your AC system for optimal performance.

    Good AC professionals can check the levels every time they check your unit, whether or not you have noticed problems. Much like technicians topping off the fluids in your car, this is part of routine maintenance for your AC system. The wrong charge could lead to a system that is 20-30% less efficient.

  3. The Wrong Filter

    Regularly replacing filters is essential. Buying the right filter is just as important. Whether you buy the wrong size, or if you buy the super clean filters that focus on cleanliness rather than cleaning your vents and other parts, you may sacrifice energy efficiency and airflow, which could cost you money in the long run. It could also lead to other problems depending on the filter.

  4. Insufficient Return Ducts

    It’s not unusual for builders to install a single return in the middle of the house to minimize the time, effort, and money spent. They are not going to live in the house. So they don’t always have the motivation to install a better system, especially when they are building multiple houses in one area. The idea is for the air from each room to make its way to the return duct again to be cooled. As you can imagine, though, it often doesn’t happen this way.

If you need more help to keep your AC unit up and running, or if you need to have it replaced or extensively repaired, visit our website and let us help you.