Is Your HVAC System making Your Business Smell?

Is Your HVAC System making Your Business Smell?
August 6, 2015 nobleair

Stink — it’s one of the most primordial olfactory offenses that a person can encounter. It permeates through the air, seemingly without any way to stop it, and, if it’s a problem in your office, retail shop, restaurant, or, health club, can spell disaster. It paralyzes employees, drives customers away, and drives you crazy.

It’s got such an impact that psychologists have and still study it because of how it impacts people. Research shows, and, it’s something you’ve probably encountered, when confronted with a foul odor on a regular basis, it begins to “disappear,” because it becomes familiar. That dynamic, of course, doesn’t apply to customers, patrons, and clients, who will no doubt notice the smell and that could well be the last time they come back.

Is Your HVAC System making Your Business Smell?

If you have an unpleasant smell in your business, you’ve probably tried a few remedies, such as aerosols, air fresheners, taking out all the trash, cleaning out the break room refrigerator, cleaning the bathrooms, and perhaps, even changing out the air conditioner filter. The smell, however, still persists and you can’t seem to pinpoint the root cause to deal with it. The reason could have nothing to do with trash, filth, or some other foul source.

The energy and money savings generated from owning and operating a high efficiency HVAC unit is tremendous. However, the unit is not without its faults. One of the most common problems that owners experience is an odor that may come from the system over time. The mysterious foul odor usually isn’t from the unit alone; it can originate from a few places throughout the system. —San Francisco Chronicle

The cause of the problem just might be your business’ HVAC system. Remember, these units circulate air, whatever the quality might be, good or bad. The good news is, that controlling odors is all about regulating air flow. That’s why there are exhaust fans in restrooms and bathrooms. These create negative air flow, which “pulls” out the inside air, taking any odor with it. The same holds true with the systems in your business, which can benefit and be rid of odors by doing the following:

  • An inspection of the entire HVAC system. You need to have your heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment inspected by a professional. There could be a problem with negative and positive air flow, which broadcasts odors throughout your business.
  • Checking vents, filters, windows, and exhausts. Vents can become clogged or be obstructed, and, might also be attached to ductwork that’s been infested by pests. In addition, the filters could also be part or most of the cause, as well as open windows. Exhausts might be not working properly, or, be insufficient, both, won’t be able to effectively remove odors.
  • The condition and design of your system. The very condition and design of your system that is the root cause. It might needed to be tweaked, or, need to be repaired or replaced.

If you do have an odor problem in your business, you can’t just mask it because that won’t work for long, and, that too, could cause problems. The longer you wait to have it checked, the worse the situation will become. Phone an experienced technician to check out your system and rid your business of that smell.