5 Big Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes

5 Big Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes
August 19, 2015 nobleair

There’s no doubt about how important your home air conditioner is to your day-to-day comfort. It’s the very system you most rely on when the temperatures begin to rise. So, it’s paramount that when a unit no longer works properly and needs to be replaced, or, a new construction property is ready for its first system, that system is right for the residence. A common problem is all-too-often, the ultimate choice is based nearly solely on price. While that’s a big consideration, it’s not just the initial cost, but also, cost in operation, maintenance, and repair over time.

5 Big Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes

The single most beneficial function of an air conditioner is quality of life. Sure, the impact on the wallet can’t be overlooked, but neither can the long term. This is why, when you’re are choosing a new system or a replacement system, you settle on the right one. What you’ll discover is there are a number of options, which can certainly be overwhelming.

No matter how efficient your air conditioner is, it needs to be sized correctly for maximum comfort and minimum energy expense. The key is proper balance between the condenser, where the refrigerant is pressurized and cooled, and the evaporator, where indoor air is cooled and dehumidified before being circulated through the house’s ductwork by the air handler. —This Old House

To help you make the right decision, you ought to know the biggest mistakes made when purchasing a new residential air conditioning system. After all, you don’t want to purchase a truckload of buyer’s remorse, so, here are five big air conditioner installation mistakes:

  1. Allowing a contractor to select and install a new system. Whether you’re renovating a home or building a home, it’s understandable you’ll trust your contractor. When it comes to the HVAC system, there’s just no substitute for a trained professional. Simply put, this system is very complex, there is no room for guesswork, and, it should meet all the necessary requirements to be right for your home.
  2. Failing to calculate and understand its load and use. The truth of the matter about air conditioning is, many units are oversized. That means it wastes more energy, and, large units run under more operating stress, so these tend to need more routine maintenance and replacement parts. If the system is smaller than needed, it will work harder, which means unnecessary wear and tear.
  3. Not aligning the HVAC system design with the home. If you’ve lived or worked in an environment that has a room that’s too cold and another room that causes you sweat, the source of the problem is probably in the installation design. Walls, windows, and other things can all have a substantial impact on an HVAC system, keeping it from working optimally. It must have the right installation design to keep a home comfortable from room to room.
  4. Forgoing the latest in technology. Today’s systems have a great advantage over those from decades past. These systems run more efficiently, which does a lot to keep you comfortable, and, cuts down on operating expense.
  5. Hiring an installation tech that won’t service the system in the future. There are a number of individuals who are able to install most residential air conditioning units. Understand that being able to do an installation doesn’t necessary mean the same person will arrange it in a way that’s most accessible for future maintenance and repair.